The Rage Of My Heart

Before we get started, I wrote this a few days ago. It is an honest telling of how I feel and that feeling is often dark. I feel like the diagnosis triggers the feelings of loss, but instead of getting over it in time, I feel it is more like a carousel that we ride.... Continue Reading →

Part II. A blur

Neonatal Intensive Care Unit, Newborn Intensive Care Unit, NICU or as I remember it, a blur. They said I could see him tonight. Why can’t I see him? The agony of the denial was unbearable as the nurse explained that due to my medication and my wound vac I couldn’t visit Graham tonight, his first... Continue Reading →


​Hi again! Today, I’d like to talk about something that happens to me. I ask questions. I ask many questions, often to the dismay of others. Sometimes it is silly stuff. “Why are good being transported by land called shipments, but by sea they are called cargo? Not really a question that keeps you up at night, but it... Continue Reading →

Part I. 72 Hours In

There I was, alone in the hospital, being monitored at 33 weeks pregnant with my unborn son. Nevermind that my family was states away and Shane, my husband, was hours away just finishing his overnight shift. My phone rang as the doctor entered my room. Shane stayed on the phone listening as the doctor explain... Continue Reading →

A Step Closer to the Dream!

So as I've shared in our intro my son is considered non verbal. We have had our share of moments where it seems like he is trying to say words but it never stuck. I have a video of my son singing to a song from The Greatest Showman last year but unfortunately that's one... Continue Reading →


I'm sure most of you who have a child with Autism have some type of routine for your child and when the routine is off, it throws off your child. I know many who due to Covid-19 have had to rearrange routines due to their child not being able to attend school or go to... Continue Reading →

Food for the Win!

So not long ago I posted about my son finally eating a new food at home, popcorn chicken, and I was so excited to have a new option of food for him to eat! But then one night my husband made nachos for him and I to eat after we had finished a 4 hour... Continue Reading →

Holiday Isolation

Growing up Holidays were a big deal. It seemed we were always celebrating. Rather it was a house full of family sitting around the table eating a Thanksgiving feast or Waking up Christmas morning to opening up what Santa brought us. But now having my own little family it seems like holidays are dreadful in... Continue Reading →

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