A Step Closer to the Dream!

So as I’ve shared in our intro my son is considered non verbal. We have had our share of moments where it seems like he is trying to say words but it never stuck. I have a video of my son singing to a song from The Greatest Showman last year but unfortunately that’s one of the last times he sang it.

Our speech therapist started him on sign language last February, but after about 8 months of him trying to learn the sign for “more” and “all done”

Besides hearing him try to sing along to a song but not quite saying the words while doing so he has slowly said new words. But as he seems to try and learn new words he stops saying words he was saying. The first true word I ever recall my son saying is bubbles, and that word stick around a good while. It’s his favorite activity it seems, but as he’s started saying a few new words I haven’t heard him say bubbles anymore.

He’s started randomly saying wow and every time I hear it I smile and giggle a little bit because he says it so randomly. Occasionally it sounds like he’s trying to say bye but it’s just joy quite there completely.

Yesterday! Oh my goodness was I excited! We were finishing up his 4 hour ABA session for the day, where they had started the next phase of pecs (I was so happy to hear this) and trying to teach him what is called hands down. The hands down is where he starts at keeping his hands in his lap for 1 second and as he accomplishes that goal he will move on to 3 seconds and so on.

We had just finished his table time and his timer went off, it was the end of therapy, and so we told him he was all done. And then it happened!!! He repeated is saying all done! Clear as day he said it!!! I grabbed him and squeezed him for a good few minutes while trying not to cry, but I did.

Every time I hear him say a word it gives me hope that one day I will hear the four words I dream of hearing, “I Love You Mommy”!

I’m posting videos below of the words he has said, unfortunately I didn’t catch him saying all done yet but I’ll hopefully be ready next time 🙂

Graham singing along to Never Enough from The Greatest Showman
Saying Bubbles 🥰
Saying Pop as he pops the bubbles
I’m a mess but he said Wow!!

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