A Constant Fear

Most hear the word elope and think of a couple who have gotten married without a huge ceremony.But to families with children on the autism spectrum, it means so much more. It means Fear. I have heard experiences from friends and I could never fully imagine what I would feel if it was my child.... Continue Reading →

Constant Barrier

Most don’t understand that communication isn’t just being able to speak. I never knew of the word non verbal till my son. I grew up around those who could verbally speak or spoke using their hands for sign language. But I never thought of it as non verbal. When I heard those words come out... Continue Reading →

Keep Hope Alive

Holidays have always been big in my family. Christmas growing up was always so busy. You see, my parents were divorced, and so I was always on the go; being with one parent Christmas Eve and the other on Christmas Day, while also seeing extended family as we celebrated. I always dreamed of the day... Continue Reading →


​With it being close to turkey day, and with it come the time we say why we are grateful. Oddly enough, people should really do this more than once a year, but its tradition. Courtney you have yourself to blame here.  ​I am grateful for the singular reason for all of this. Courtney you are my wife,... Continue Reading →

To My Better Half

So many times in my past I’ve asked why? Why did I have to go through so many trials in life? From childhood to adulthood. But today I have to say I’m grateful for those trials. Those trials in life led me to my present. I’m grateful that five years ago, around Thanksgiving, I was... Continue Reading →

Goodbye Normal Life

I heard it once said that those of us with special needs children suffer a loss. But when we first hear about our child’s diagnosis, it often at times, stays festered up inside. Keeping us full of denial and not wanting to believe it is true. We aren’t physically suffering a loss. We suffer a... Continue Reading →


As many of you know, Graham has been vocalizing more. Whether this is simple scripting, or actual language remains to be determined. Regardless, it is a huge step forward for him. However, it has led to something else. He is stimming more, melting down more, and has been more violent.             Before autism, my natural... Continue Reading →


​To say that Graham is making progress in ABA would be a mild understatement. I would like to talk about our proverbial elephant. He has made leaps and bounds, and I know it is due to the work he is doing in his many therapies. With that progress, a thought arises from the depths of my mind. ... Continue Reading →

A Daydream Come True

I've imagined a day where we could go out as a family and enjoy. No meltdowns, no incidents, just a simple day enjoying ourselves. We have been hermit crabs it seems for the past few years. Besides going to doctor appointments or traveling to visit family, our home has been our safe haven. By safe... Continue Reading →

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