Food for the Win!

So not long ago I posted about my son finally eating a new food at home, popcorn chicken, and I was so excited to have a new option of food for him to eat! But then one night my husband made nachos for him and I to eat after we had finished a 4 hour session of ABA with Graham. To our surprise, our son just walked up to Shane’s plate and grabbed a chip.

Now i didn’t think anything to this at first because he grabbed what looked like a plain chip and went on his way. But then he came back again and grabbed another that apparently had some cheese dip on it, I was like okay no biggie he’s eaten a chip with dip on it before on rare occasion. Then he came back again! This time he grabbed a chip covered in cheese dip with meat and rotel tomatoes on it and shoved the whole chip in his mouth!! My mouth just dropped I couldn’t believe it and of course I missed out on getting it documented on camera because I really didn’t think he would take off with that chip.

A few days later we were trying to figure out what to eat for lunch, we still had some cheese dip left over from dinner, so we decided to heat it up for lunch. We wondered if Graham would take a bite again and well what do you know he did! I was like wow, 2 foods within a week time span, what is going on here?! We were so ecstatic!

Then just this past week my husband grabbed some ice cream for us. My husband grabbed himself some one evening after dinner and Graham just walked up to him and gave him this look like what do you have? So my husband grabbed some ice cream and offer it to him. He ate it! Once again my mouth dropped to the floor it seemed from being in shock watching him eat yet another food he usually will not. In fact when we were in TX the beginning of the month my grandmother offered him some and after him sticking it in his mouth he took his hand and took it out of his mouth, so I was very surprised when he came back again wanting more from Shane.

That makes 3 foods in about a 2 week time span! All I can say is I am one happy and proud mommy! I will post some pictures and videos below of Graham trying his new foods!

Had to try some of what Daddy had
He came back for more and I caught him on video this time!

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