How am I to know?

Graham has been having these random fevers, one minute he’s fine and the next he has fever. We have taken him to see his pcp, he’s worthless doesn’t care that he’s autistic or has sensory issues when examining him, and can’t ever give us a reason as to why he is running fever. I have... Continue Reading →

Picky Eater

Most know with Autism that our kids are very picky eaters. My son barely eats meat and the only way we get fruits and veggies in him is through purée pouches. He usually just eats pasta. I get daily sheets from the developmental preschool he attends letting me know what he has eaten at school.... Continue Reading →

Will my son remember?

Sorry it’s been a bit since I’ve been able to post. Last week I received a call that my grandfather was declining fast, so we packed our bags and headed to see him. We got there in time for him to see Graham one more time, he loved my son, his only great grandson so... Continue Reading →

Diagnosis Day

May 29,2019 will be a day I remember forever. We had to get up super early due to river flooding and the possibility of the highway closing. We were afraid we would have to take back roads to get to Children’s for Graham’s Autism Evaluation. Luckily the highway was open so our traveling was very... Continue Reading →

In the beginning

Fair warning, this will be a long post. This post will explain the process we went through in getting our son’s diagnosis. Our son was a 6 wk preemie who honestly thrived at first with his milestones. He rolled over, crawled, could sit up, and walked all pretty much around the time he should’ve hit... Continue Reading →

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