A Daydream Come True

I’ve imagined a day where we could go out as a family and enjoy. No meltdowns, no incidents, just a simple day enjoying ourselves.

We have been hermit crabs it seems for the past few years. Besides going to doctor appointments or traveling to visit family, our home has been our safe haven. By safe haven I mean less transition issues, no stares, Graham can be comfortable in his space. No weird stares or wondering why our son doesn’t talk, he can arm flap till his heart’s content.

Today we went to our appointment where Graham sat with us in the waiting room patiently, it was a small wait time. We proceeded to the exam room where he went willingly. When the doctor entered the room he didn’t throw himself on the floor not wanting her to touch him, instead he walked up to her with his music and showed her what he had. She went on to ask us questions about his progress. I couldn’t stop showing off videos of his accomplishments the past few months. Before we knew it our visit with her was over and our favorite nurse came in to say hi and catch up on what had been going on in our life. It was then time for us to go, we arrived so early that we were able to get in and out before our actual appointment time. Something that us parents of special needs kiddos don’t experience often. In fact it’s usually the opposite.

We left and decided to go to the Bass Pro Shop. My husband had decided he was going to hunt this season and needed a coat. The minute we walked in my son started jumping and hollering. He was so excited, because straight ahead was the huge fish tank for him to observe. After observing for a few we decided to explore the store a bit. To our surprise there was no transition meltdown. He went willingly, even leading the way at times. While my husband went to look at coats I took Graham back to the fish tank. We then spotted daddy and Graham took off running into his arms. We just kept praising how well he was doing. So I asked my husband about getting Graham a toy. Something we hardly ever get to do. So we walked to store to the toys and our son proceeded to pick up a stuffed animal. He also found a figurine set that had a hunter with some animals. So as well as our day had been Graham got both! We thought as we left the store that we would encounter a transition issue. Nope! He walked out holding our hands as we made our way to the car.

The next stop was to get gas so we could make the drive home. No big deal right? To most no, but to a special needs parent it is! Anytime the car is at a standstill or one of us gets out Graham proceeds to kick and throw a fit. Have no idea why he just usually does. This time though, he was perfectly content as daddy filled up the car and mommy went inside the store.

Now we were ready to start our travels back home.

Graham had a hair appointment to get a trim before pictures this weekend.

Well we hadn’t eaten lunch and had some time so we stopped in town to eat. Going out to eat, yet another thing that we don’t get to do often. Today he walked in the restraunt with us. He proceeded to sit in the booth as we waited for daddy to come back with our drinks to follow with food. Today I didn’t have to take in a sippy cup for him to drink out of. He drank out of a big boy cup with a straw. He ate food, not much but he did eat.

Next stop, Haircut! This would be interesting because he hasn’t had one in over a year. They never tend to go well. I just always use the excuse “I don’t want to cut his curls off”, which I don’t. But my poor son could hardly see because his curls were covering his eyes. It was not an easy moment but he didn’t scream, he didn’t cry. We had to take a few breaks but we accomplished getting his bangs trimmed without a huge disaster!

See to most these are things that they would look at and say “That’s it?” or “I don’t see why it’s such a big deal”. But to us, It is EVERYTHING! My daydream came true finally! Do I know when or if we will have another successful outing day like we did? No, but I will celebrate everyone of them!


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