To My Better Half

So many times in my past I’ve asked why? Why did I have to go through so many trials in life? From childhood to adulthood.

But today I have to say I’m grateful for those trials. Those trials in life led me to my present.

I’m grateful that five years ago, around Thanksgiving, I was introduced to an amazing man. Funny thing is I didn’t want to meet this man. We didn’t want to meet because I lived in OK and he lived in AR. But once we did it was all over.

I worked with one of his friends he was visiting for the holiday. One night she brought him up to the hotel we worked at and introduced us. Then after she gave him my number we texted each other for hours at a time the next few days before he had to head back home.

For a man who heard about my rough past and didn’t runaway was a nice change. He was amazed at what I had been through and still looked to the positive.

Im grateful for the leap he took with me and making our relationship a priority. We could never have imagined what would unfold in our life as we took that leap.

Living in different states it took a lot to keep the communication going. You see I worked as a night auditor and had a part time afternoon job. He was a correctional officer that worked 12 hr shifts and rotated days and night.

He surprised me and came for a visit right before Christmas. This after only meeting me in person a month prior and talking and texting for a month. We then always made an effort at least one weekend a month to see each other in person.

I’m grateful that the two of us, who were told kids were not a possibility, were given a miracle.

I’m grateful that despite the hardships that come with having an autistic son my husband has stayed with me.

He works hard to provide for our family. He takes time to spend with our son. Building that bond and relationship with him.

Watching my son jump up and down when Shane walks in from work just melts my heart. Or when he crawls in bed with him and cuddles him whole they watch a movie. Even better is when Graham is listening to music and I hear them singing together. My husband tries so hard to connect with Graham in ways he enjoys. Every time I see that bond I can’t help but smile and be grateful that he tries to communicate with Graham in his way.

He tries to be so understanding when I’m having an emotional day, week, or sometimes even month.

In the end I’m grateful that he loves our son no matter what!


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