How am I to know?

Graham has been having these random fevers, one minute he’s fine and the next he has fever. We have taken him to see his pcp, he’s worthless doesn’t care that he’s autistic or has sensory issues when examining him, and can’t ever give us a reason as to why he is running fever. I have contacted the Immunology doctor we saw once for testing and haven’t been able to finish testing due to the Covid outbreak, but said they would call me back two wks ago after the nurse spoke with the doctor. That hasn’t happened yet.

My son is usually a very happy child but lately he has been very moody and emotional. For example today when he woke from his nap crying and screaming. We checked him for fever but he had non (he’s had fever all morning). We gave him his juice, tried a snack, and he really didn’t eat lunch so we made some popcorn chicken to see if that would calm him. It didn’t, in fact he started screaming for long periods of time.

This is what is so hard about having a non verbal child who can’t give you any type of hint as to what could be wrong. Is it his head? Is it his tummy? Is he getting more teeth in, I know usually they chew more when this happens but when your child chews to stim it makes it hard to tell. So we check him again for fever cause something just seems off and this time he has fever. My husband gives him medicine to bring the fever down and help him feel better.

They go into his room and start playing on his bed and he’s giggling and laughing, when all of a sudden he starts crying again. So once again how am I to know what is wrong? I have my mom gut telling me this is not like my child but when you reach out for medical help and get blown off it’s starts to make you think you’re losing your mind.

So Monday when the doctors offices open again guess what I will be doing? I will be advocating for my child and bugging them like I have always done. I have always been very vocal making sure my child is taken care of. Don’t ever let a medical professional make you feel like you are over reacting! Trust your mom gut!!


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