Will my son remember?

Sorry it’s been a bit since I’ve been able to post. Last week I received a call that my grandfather was declining fast, so we packed our bags and headed to see him. We got there in time for him to see Graham one more time, he loved my son, his only great grandson so much! A few days later my grandfather past.

While we were all sad and grieving my son was so joyful and loving on everyone. A sight I didn’t think I would see. You see every visit up till now he had very little interaction with anyone and stayed very close to mommy. But this time he was running to my dad, giving him kisses, letting him read his book to him, even let him play tickle monster with him. To be able to see that in the midst of a very hard time was an amazing feeling.

The day came to say our goodbyes to my grandpa, I was a mess. My son gave me the most precious moment, a moment I will forever remember. Because I kept thinking my son will never get to know such an amazing man. he proved me wrong, he knew his great grandpa. We were at the church having our family meal when my son ventured into the sanctuary, where they were preparing my grandfather’s memorial service. They had a photo of my grandfather projected on the wall. My son approached it and started arm flapping. I lost it, I was a mess, my son knew who his great grandpa was. I’ll post the video below I took of my son arm flapping at his Great Grandpa.

My son arm flapping at his Great Grandpa
Reading his favorite book
My son looking up to his Grandpa 🥰
Tickling Graham 🥰

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